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In addition to our work around the world, we partner with schools and various educational groups through our Nobelity In Schools program. Empowering students with knowledge about pressing global concerns, the program provides inspiration and opportunity for student-centered social action. Our Nobelity In Schools website offers films, lesson plans, service project ideas and educational resources for teachers and students, including the Nobelity WebQuest – a fun and informative way to explore key issues and ways to effect positive change. We look forward to a great year working together to inspire your students to get smart, get involved, have fun, and change the world.

Free film and lesson resources for Social Studies teachers

BH EDU coverVisit www.nobelityinschools to access free videos and lesson plans including a new 45-minute classroom edition of the award-winning documentary, Building Hope: The Story of Mahiga Hope High School.  The film tells the engaging story of how a determined community in rural Kenya and the Central Texas-based Nobelity Project come together, overcome obstacles, and build the first high school in the region.

Lessons are standards-aligned, teacher-created, classroom-tested and incorporate a variety of teaching strategies and learning styles – with much more to come for next school year.  All activities have real world application, with both local and global connections. Appropriate for grades 6-12, and most relevant to middle school Contemporary World Cultures, and World Geography courses.


Request the DVD or stream the student friendly version of Building Hope, and download new standards-aligned lesson plans and teacher resource materials at www.nobelityinschools.


Bastrop Replant the Park

“It’s the little things citizens do. That’s what will make the difference.  My little thing is planting trees.”
– Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Prize, 2004

In response to the devastating fires in Bastrop, Texas  over Labor Day 2011, The Nobelity Project put our tree-planting resources to work. In 2012-2013 we connected the needs of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the educational opportunity for 10 local high schools, and the environmental support of the Applied Material Foundation and Silicon Labs, the Texas Conservation Corps, Keep Austin Beautiful. The Nobelity Project and these student groups helped plant almost 200,000 loblolly pine trees in Bastrop State Park. With other volunteers groups and overall park efforts, a total of 223,000 trees were planted this year!

In February of 2o14, we brought more schools, corporate sponsors and other partners together to plant over 8,000 seedlings. The park successfully planted 400,000 tress, which brings their total to date 625,000.

For more information on your school participating in this effort please contact:


1000 Books for Hope Campaign

Thanks to all of you for making our 1000 Books for Hope drive a huge success!

With book donations far exceeding our original goal we are delighted to announce the collection of 14,000 books to be sent to 14 Nobelity Project school libraries in Kenya! Most of these schools are in remote communities, miles from any town, and the impact of your books will be felt for years to come. The books have traveled from Austin, Texas all the way to the coast of Kenya and are in the process of being distributed to the different communities. For more information, read our latest blog post.

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