Wonderful new film? How about three…

Published on July 31, 2016. See more blog posts →

Wonderful new film? How about three…

#1.  In memory of Ringo the Baby Rhino, The Nobelity Project highlights the ongoing work of Kenya’s Ol Pejeta Conservancy and their integrated conservation model that harnesses tourism and other revenue sources to protect rhinos and elephants and give sanctuary to rescued Chimpanzees while helping transform lives in neighboring communities.

ACFF 2016 Official Selection Laurels large (1)

#2  Fifteen years in the making, Turk tracks the amazing year-long path of North America’s main Monarch butterfly migration, documenting threats from logging and community conservation challenges in the winter reserves in Michoacán, Mexico to loss of essential pollinators and milkweeds due to droughts, climate change and chemical agriculture across the U.S.  In September, we partner with major Monarch butterfly conservation groups in the U.S. and Mexico on the release of our beautiful new Monarch Butterfly film, The Milkweed Mission.

#3  Cinema Verde Earth AwardIn October, our film The Flamingo Factory will launch internationally with Birdlife International, raising awareness and inspiring action to protect the last remaining breeding site of Africa’s 2 million pink flamingos. Take this ten-year look at the East Africa’s greater and lesser flamingos, a migration of millions, that Sir David Attenborough called “The greatest ornithological spectacle on earth.” This film just won the Earth Award at the Cinema Verde Film Fest!


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